Following up on your Fingerprint Records

Once Morpho Global ID Services submits your fingerprint record to the RCMP electronically we will receive no further information about the status of your file and you will need to contact the RCMP directly for any follow up questions regarding your fingerprint records.

If you provided an e-mail address on your application, you should, under normal circumstances, receive a confirmation e-mail that your prints were received by the RCMP. If there is a problem with your fingerprints you should also receive an e-mail instructing you to contact the agency that submitted your prints. If you have not provided an e-mail address any problem with your file will be brought to your attention when you receive your results from the RCMP.

Information relating to your fingerprint submission should be directed to the RCMP at:

You need to provide your full name, date of birth, the type of application submitted (Vulnerable Sector Check, Criminal Record Check etc.), the date your application was submitted to the RCMP, and a daytime contact phone number where you can be reached. Results of electronic fingerprint submissions where no criminal record has been found will normally be mailed by the RCMP within a 72 hour time frame.

Please note: Do not expect an immediate e-mail response from the RCMP