Pickering - Investigative Solutions Network Inc.

Main services provided

  • Electronic
    Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Ink & Roll
    Ink & Roll Fingerprinting
  • Criminal Record
    Criminal Record Check


Other services provided

  • 1) INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION - Criminal Investigations, Civil Investigations, corporate investigations, government investigations, domestic investigations, case review, cold case review, surveillance, threat assessment/profiling services, emergency hotline,
  • 2) BACKGROUND SCREENING DIVISION - Criminal record check, premium criminal record check, mobile fingerprinting services, employment reference report, employment verification report, eduction/professional accreditation verification, credit bureau report, social network research report,
  • 3) SECURITY DIVISION - uniformed/plain clothes security guards, personal and VIP security assessment/protection, loss prevention, K9 Services, alarm and security systems, computer security/cyber crime, safety and security analysis,
  • 4) TRAINING DIVISION - investgative interviewing system, private investigator course, security guard course, executive development, loss prevention training, investigative training,
  • 5) RISK MANAGEMENT DIVISION- security program review, issues and crisis managment planning and response, threat and vulnerability analysis, foreign due diligence investigations, cargo and transportation security, supply chain risk assessment


Contact information

1340 Pickering Parkway, Suite 602
Pickering, ON L1V 0C4
Tel: 905-421-0046
Fax: 905-421-0048
e-mail: kwang@isninc.ca or dbagnall@isninc.ca



Hours of operation

Mon-Fri 9-5 - No Appointment Required
Last Sat of each month 10-2 - By Appointment Only